The Board of Trustees


  The Board of Trustees currently consists of 7 members elected by the owners of units at 1105 Massachusetts Avenue Condominium Trust. The Board meets once a month in formal session.


   Elections for the Board are held every year by mail prior to the annual meeting to allow all owners an equal voting opportunity whether or not they reside in the building.  


  All trustees are elected to two-year terms with three/four trustees being elected in alternate years so that there will always be overlapping terms.  To be elected, a candidate must receive 51% of the beneficial interests in the building.  If none of the candidates receives 51%, the remaining members of the board will appoint Trustees to fill the vacancies.  Names of all Trustees are then recorded at the Registry of Deeds.   After the election, the Board elects a Chair and a Treasurer.


2023  Board of Trustees


Beverly Thornton, Chairperson

Laura Cohen, Treasurer

Bradlee Settle

Richard Landau

John Giannacopoulos

Roger O’Sullivan

Peter Sullivan





If anyone desires to contact The Board or any of the Trustees, there is a mailbox in the lobby labeled “Trustees” and you may leave any communication there.  There is also opportunity to contact 1105 in the Contacts section of this web site.