1105 Massachusetts Avenue Condominium Trust

Board of Trustees Meeting

February 22, 2024


The meeting of the 1105 Mass. Ave Condominium Trust Board of Trustees was held on Thursday, February 22, 2024 via zoom.

Present for the Board were John Giannacopoulos, Rick Landau, Roger O’Sullivan, Bradley Settle, Peter Sullivan and Bev Thornton.

Also in attendance were Elder Nunez and Myra Miller


PREVIOUS MONTHS MINUTES:  The minutes of the January 25, 2024 meeting were approved as presented. 


FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND ACCOUNT STATUS:  We need to appoint a treasurer.  Laura was appointed via email and accepted.  She will be a signature on Cambridge Trust and Fidelity accounts. 


UNIT 2G:  The Trust unit is rented as of February 15th for a term of 18 months.


BEUDO:  Nothing new to report


3A and 3G CORRESPONDENCE:  A letter went to this owner with copies to the city inspector, elder services and the attorney.  We are building the file.


ROOF REPLACEMENT:  On hold for now


PLUMBING WORK:  Ray is having surgery in about 3 months and will be out a few months.  In his absence we will make sure there is another plumber lined up to service us in emergencies. 


FOLLOW UP TO WATER DAMAGES:  Unit 2F had windows replaced in 2020.  John remembers talking with Allstar while they were doing the waterproofing that year on the front elevation (F&G units).   John thought it was understood that they would do the 2nd floor caulking while staging was in place. 

John feels there is a crack on the concrete that the window sits on.  John feels that this is not a window failure but a concrete failure.

Allstar sent a description with his billing. He said there is leakage under the glass sliding door.  Myra will bring Richie back in to caulk.

It was suggested to waterproof every 4 years. 

John will deal with 2F slider and window.

The next time we waterproof we will hang small staging for 11G bedroom.


GARAGE DOOR DAMAGE:  We need to replace 3 panels on the garage door.  We will ask if Shahla’s car insurance will pay for the damages to the door.


MEZZANINE ISSUE:  We have let this slide.  We need to make the building look better.   Brad will look at other buildings that have done outside walkway work.


Thursday March 28, 2024 at 4 PM via zoom

(PS forgot to mention law suit from 10C has been withdrawn without prejudice)