1105 Massachusetts Avenue Condominium Trust

Board of Trustees Meeting

June 22, 2023


The meeting of the 1105 Mass Ave Condominium Trust Board of Trustees was held on Thursday, June 22, 2023 via Zoom.

Present for the board were John Giannacopoulos, Rick Landau, Roger O’Sullivan, Peter Sullivan and Bev Thornton.

Also attending were Elder Nunez and Myra Miller.


PREVIOUS MONTHS MINUTES:  The minutes of the May 25, 2023 meeting were approved as presented.


FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND ACCOUNT STATUS:  There were questions on the amounts posted in the water, insurance and payroll expenses.  There was a review of delinquent accounts. 


CAMBRIDGE TRUST CO:  There is a savings account of about $160,000 that we opened as required for the line of credit.  They charge $15/month service fee.  They were paying a good interest rate but we are afraid it will adjust down.  We will wait until September (if this interest rate goes away). It was felt there is a comfort level to having an actual bank.  Maybe we purchase CD’s to lock the current rate for Camb. Trust.  Leave where it is and monitor the interest rates


2G RENOVATIONS:  As part of the renovation, we want to open the wall and make a pass-through from the kitchen to the living room.  are looking for a contractor to do this work.  There is a budget is $30,000 for the cabinets, counter tops, stove, floor and paint. All agreed on the budget. Peter will send a picture of what he did via Home Depot supplies and send it to Trustees.


UPDATES TO CONDO DOCS:  No suggestions received.  Rick will send out the list he has to date. 


3A:  The city filed a complaint, but there has been no action.  Marge was very concerned that this person is a danger to the building.  We need to document all communications with the owner.  A seminar explained that you need a clear documentation of all issues and interactions, with a journal and pictures etc. 




BEUDO:  There will be coming up on the 26th for a second vote.  This will pass. they are voting on the amendments to exempt condos for at least a year.


1075:  No response from property manager after 2 phone calls.


CAMERAS IN ELEVATOR:  Check the warranty on the replacement cameras proposed.  Be sure that installation is covered in the warranty. They proposed to replace the cameras in each elevator for a cost of $4177.  Be sure that the problem is not a communication issue between the elevator camera and the DVR.   Motion: if there is an installer warranty then go ahead and do the work.


TREE TRIMMING:  Ask Cambridge Landscape if they have a scissor lift.  We are waiting for Patriot Tree to also give a price.


ROOF OVER  BOSTON BURGER:  John will have his father-in-law look at the roof to confirm what a rough price might be to do this replacement roof. 


NEXT MEETING DATE:  July 27th 4:30 PM



Respectfully submitted,

ELN Management


Myra Miller