Max Wasserman and Leo E. Wolf, as they are the Trustees of 1105 Realty Trust under declaration of trust dated June 29, 1973 and registered as Document No. 518802 together with certificate of Title No. 142833 in Book 844, Page 133 of the South Middlesex Registry District as they are the owners of a condominium known as 1105 Massachusetts Avenue Condominium, created by a Master Deed dated April 12, 1974, recorded May 14, 1974 with the South Middlesex Registry of Deeds in Book 12630 at Page 273, in accordance with the provisions of G.L. c. 183A grants to

[Name of purchaser]

with quitclaim covenants, the dwelling located at 1105 Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge in said county referred to as Unit No. _____ in said Master Deed and on the plans recorded as part of said Master Deed.

Said Unit No. ______ contains _______ square feet, more or less, and is laid out as shown on a plan recorded herewith, which plan is a copy of a portion of the plans filed with said Master Deed and to which is affixed a verified statement in the form provided for in G.L. c. 183A, s.9.

Said Unit No. ______ is hereby conveyed together with a ___% undivided interest in the common areas and facilities described in said Master Deed and in the Declaration of Trust of 1105 Massachusetts Avenue Condominium Trust, the by-laws contained in said Declaration of Trust, and rules and regulations from time to time adopted thereunder.

Said Unit is to be used only for ___________ use and shall not be used for any purpose, except as may be expressly permitted by the Trustees in accordance with the provisions of said Declaration of Trust.

The grantee acquires said Unit with the benefit of, and subject to, the provisions of G.L. c. 183A, relating to condominiums, as that statute is written as of the date hereof and as it may in the future be amended.

The consideration for this deed is $___________.

WITNESS my hand and seal this ___ day of ___________, 20__.


Max Wasserman, Trustee


Middlesex, ss. ___________, 20__

Then personally appeared the above named Max Wasserman, and acknowledged the foregoing to be his free act and deed, before me.


Notary Public

My commission expires: _______________________

NOTE: Here follows the original developer's purchase and sale agreement. It is included here for historical interest only.