1105 Massachusetts Avenue Condominium Trust

Board of Trustees Meeting

October 26, 2023


The meeting of the Board of Trustees of 1105 Mass Ave. Condominium Trust was held on Thursday, October 26, 2023 via Zoom.

Present for the Board were John Giannacopoulos, Rick Landau, Marge Mulkerin, Roger O’Sullivan, Peter Sullivan and Bev Thornton.

Also in attendance were Elder Nunez, Myra Miller and Joseph Schwartz.


PREVIOUS MONTHS MINUTES:   The minutes of the September 28, 2023 meeting were approved as presented. 


FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND ACCOUNT STATUS:  The September financial was OK, no questions.

The Board will review the report from the accountant, Jerry Leabman.


2 G RENOVATIONS:  The renovations will be completed on Monday, October 30th.  We have already contacted Marion Sloan to find a tenant.


WATERPROOFING:  The north side has been completed and one bedroom window has been caulked. 


ROOF REPLACEMENT:  The contractor went to get the permit and are waiting for it to be issued.  We are still waiting for Hodan to come out to view the areas that no longer have working units.  Myra asked Richie how these curbs are being handled.  It was asked if we can shut down these areas since they are not currently being used.  We do not know if there are any plans for future use in these spaces as there is duct work below.  We think these areas stopped being used because commercial units were split up, but there may be a chance that in the future units become recombined and back to one space.   


ANNUAL MEETING:  We have a short board meeting before the Annual starts on November 16th.  We will have 2 new Trustees after November. It was suggested to hold a get together of the Board to meet the new Trustees.  At the Annual Meeting Roger will talk about BEUDO, Rick will talk about updates to the documents.   We should be prepared to answer what we have done with the $700K assessment.  The answer is that we have not really spent it yet.  Bev also created a list of projects that we will need to do in the future.

One suggestion was that we should update our capital needs study.


BICYCLE LABELING:  It’s time for a bicycle inventory.  We need to have people label their bikes located in the bike room or garage rack.  Myra will order stickers that people can use to show their bike is not abandoned.


NEXT MEETING DATE:  November 16th at 6:30 before the Annual Meeting begins.


Respectfully submitted,

ELN Management


Myra Miller