1105 Massachusetts Avenue Condominium Trust

Board of Trustees Meeting

January 25, 2024



The meeting of the 1105 Mass Ave Condominium Trust Board of Trustees was held on Thursday, January 25, 2024 at 4 PM via Zoom.


Present for the Board were Laura Cohen, John Giannacopoulos, Rick Landau, Roger O’Sullivan, Bradley Settle, Peter Sullivan and Bev Thornton.


Also in attendance were Elder Nunez and Myra Miller.


PREVIOUS MONTH’S MINUTES:  The minutes of the December 21, 2023 meeting were approved as presented.  Executive session will not be posted on the website.  All agreed.


FINANCIAL STATEMENT AND ACCOUNT STATUS: The financial statement and account status reports were reviewed.


2G:  Marion has been at the building recently to show the unit.  We should find out what arrangement Marion has with other brokers as to commission sharing.  Eric, who was recommended by Peter, currently works with Senne Realty.  We can drop the rent now until the summer when a new lease takes effect.  If paying the broker commission is a deal breaker, the landlord will split or pay the commission.  Inform the broker that this is an option.  Refresh the pictures and add pictures of the bathroom to the listing.  Also put this on a summer rental.  Improve pictures on the website. 


BEUDO UPDATE:  Nothing new, new council and new mayor and this issue is not being pushed to the front right now.


ASBESTOS LETTER:  Rick and Peter made changes to the attorney’s draft letter to owners.  We also got a letter from the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) about asbestos.  We should share that letter with owners to inform their contractors.  It was discussed and decided that instead of a separate mailing, we add the part on state requirements from the DEP email to the Renovation Rules and post it on the website


ROOF REPLACEMENT: this is on hold till spring.  Find out the regulations about the insulation.


NEXT PLUMBING WORK:  The next item is to continue with the laundry room stacks


OTHER MAINTENANCE ITEMS:  There were more leaks at Café Sushi, Allstar will be coming to the building tomorrow.  1G had water which accumulated in the soffit above.  There will be a water test to see if we can tell exactly how the water is getting into the soffit area.


When we have heavy rains, the drains on the mezzanine back up and cannot handle the amount of water coming off the roof.  We asked if these drains can be covered, but they are needed.  They connect to the main drain heading out of the building and into the storm drains.  Brad reported that most storm drains for the city go into the sewers.  Yes, the City does open up flood gates to allow run off into the Charles River.  The City has some plans for splitting the storm drains from the sewer drains.  The plumber is thinking about what other areas could be affecting the mezzanine drains (maybe there is a restriction in the main trap before it goes to the street).  He will come back to us with some ideas and recommendations.


SLIP AND FALL LAWSUIT:  The alleged slip and fall person has gotten a new attorney and sent a new letter to us asking for information.  Myra will send it to the insurance attorney who is currently handling the law suit. 

Brad mentioned that our parking lot does get some puddling.  Additional drains were added.  Maybe consider replacing all the old drains on the deck with the type of new drains recently installed.


NEXT MEETING DATE:  February 22nd 4:00 PM (note time change) via Zoom.


Respectfully submitted,

ELN Management

Myra Finn Miller