1105 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Mass. 02138









Including general information on management, emergencies, rules and regulations, and use of building facilities.


Important phone numbers and e-mail addresses:

Management office, 978-440-8330 []

Emergency (after 5p.m.), 978-440-8330

Superintendent’s office, 617-354-2383 []


NOTICE: This Guide is for both Unit Owners and Renters. It was adopted by vote of the Trustees of 1105 Massachusetts Avenue Condominium Trust on September 15, 2009, to supersede and replace all previous editions, as well as memos from the Trustees and Management concerning the topics covered herein. It is intended to gather all of this information into one handy source.



* Quiet Hours are 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

* No smoking in Common Areas

* No private use of Common Areas

* No storage of items on Balconies

* Do not wedge the elevator doors open

* Parking is by permit only



Welcome to 1105 Massachusetts Avenue. This is a CONDOMINIUM building, with most of the apartments above the third floor in the ‘‘tower’’ being residential units. The normal format of condominium buildings is observed here; that is, the apartments are the property of individual owners, and other areas — such as the lobby, the halls, the trash and laundry rooms and the service equipment such as elevators, etc. — are common property controlled by an owners’ association. The association employs a management company and a staff, including a Superintendent.
  This Guide explains the rules and regulations of the building adopted by the Trustees,

Fall 2009 - 3 -


as authorized by the bylaws of the Condominium (Article 5, Section 5.6 of Declaration of Trust). These rules govern the use of common areas and facilities and also set certain restrictions on the use and maintenance of individual units. These rules have been adopted and amended over the life of the Condominium to:

1. Protect your privacy and insure your comfort
2. Protect owners’ investment in the condominium
3. Maintain the attractiveness of the building
4. Insure the security of all residents
5. Conform to all local and state laws relating to fire and property rights.


The condominium is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by the unit owners for two-year terms. At present there are seven trustees who meet monthly. An annual meeting of all unit owners is held each year, usually on the second Thursday of November.

Unit owners and tenants, at the board’s discretion, may attend the monthly trustees’ meeting to present specific issues for the board’s consideration, if they notify the property manager or chairperson in advance. Since the board meets as guests of individual board members in their units, more general attendance at meetings is impractical.

Communications may be addressed to the Trustees, 1105 Massachusetts Avenue Condominium Trust, 1105 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 02138, or may be placed in the TRUSTEES’ box at the right end of the lobby mailboxes.



The Condominium Trust employs the services of a managing agent to handle its operations under the guidance of the Board of Trustees. Our managing agent is ELN Management Company, P. O. Box 798, Sudbury, MA 01776. Ms. Myra Miller is the property manager for 1105 and may be reached at 978-440-8330 during business hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The building is under the care of a Superintendent and
cleaning staff. Notes to the Superintendent may be left in the SUPERINTENDENT box at the right end of the mailbox panel in the lobby. His office number is 617-354-2383 and his hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you need to reach him during the day and he is not in the office, you can also communicate through the management office as noted above.


In the event of an emergency in the building or in a unit, the Superintendent should be contacted immediately. If he is not readily located on the premises, he should be called through the management office at 978-440-8330 and he will be alerted by cell phone. Between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. the number to call for emergencies is 978-440-8330.






Condominium property outside the individual units is for the use and enjoyment of all and it is therefore the responsibility of each resident to see that the common areas are treated properly. The rules established by the Board of Trustees are intended to help residents ensure the attractive appearance and good condition of the common areas. Violation of these regulations can result in fines or legal action.


Architectural Changes


The Master Deed prohibits any change made to the exterior of a unit or to any common area without the prior approval of the Trustees. No one may place any sign, plaque or other communication of any description on the exterior of any unit, including unit doors, hall walls, elevators, and the lobby; or on the outside or inside of the windows of any unit. Small professional signs approved by the Trustees may be placed on the exterior door of professional units. Do not post signs or advertisements or messages; they will be removed without notice.




The Condominium provides a bicycle storage area in the lower garage with bicycle racks. Residents should not take bicycles upstairs because of the resulting damage to walls, doors, and elevators. Visitors and clients of commercial suites must leave bicycles outside. They should not be locked to the ramp railings as these are especially for the use of the handicapped. No skateboarding or bicycling is allowed on the ramps.


Damage to Common Areas


No unit owner, tenant, employee, customer or visitor of a unit owner shall cause any damage to the common areas of the building, including the structure, surfaces, furnishings, and fixtures. Any violations of this regulation will result in charges for repairs and replacements, billed to the unit owner concerned.




All moves and furniture deliveries must be scheduled with the Superintendent in advance so that protective pads can be placed in the elevators and the conrols locked off. Irregular or improper use of the elevators, such as propping open the doors or otherwise interfering with their normal functioning, can both inconvenience other residents and damage the elevators. Repair costs of the elevators damaged through improper use will be charged to the unit owner concerned.


Laundry Rooms


There is a laundry room on most floors in the center of the building. Tokens for the laundry machines (in bags of 100 each) may be purchased from the Superintendent by check made out to ‘‘1105 Mass. Ave. Condominium Trust.’’ No cash will be accepted. If you cannot pick up your tokens during the day, leave your check and a note with your phone number in the Superintendent’s mailbox and he will contact you. The current price of tokens is $150 per bag of 100. The machines on the penthouse level require coins (quarters). Please remove laundry promptly from the machines when a cycle is completed.


Laundry rooms may not be used between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.



Anyone who intends to move in or out of the building must notify management and/or the Superintendent at least 24 hours in advance of the actual moving time, so that the elevators may be protected. Names of movers should be given to the Superintendent, who will give instructions about access to the building. Movers must be told to gain access from the front, not the rear, of the building. The rear parking deck is not structurally adequate for large vans and trucks. Old furniture, cardboard boxes, and other debris from moving must not be left in hallways or trash rooms. It is not the Superintendent’s responsibility to remove such items, and if they are left, a removal fee will be charged to the unit owner. Please be considerate of your neighbors and the building staff. Upon completion of any move, the Superintendent will inspect the common areas for damage and report any to the managing agent. Owners of units are responsible for informing their tenants of moving procedures and are liable for any damage to the common areas that is caused by their tenants. Anyone who moves in or out unsupervised will be charged the move- in/move-out fee plus a $140 surcharge, billed to the owner concerned. Such unsupervised moves are the cause of most of the damage to the elevators and common areas. For more detailed instructions, see the separate move-in/move out section at the end of this Guide.


Private Use of Common Areas


Fire laws and building rules prohibit the private use of common areas. Please do not leave baby carriages or bicycles unattended, or store these or any other articles in the lobby, halls, balconies, or stairways. Anything left in halls will be removed and disposed of without notice.


Smoking in Common Areas


Smoking is prohibited by Cambridge ordinance in the common areas of 1105 Massachusetts Avenue. These include the hallways, vestibules, stairwells, laundry and trash rooms, elevators, lobby, garage, and so on.




A trash room is located on each floor in the center of the building. Refuse thrown down the trash chute falls into a compactor which cannot crush items that are too soft (cloth or rugs) or too hard (coat hangers, wood, metal). If you are not sure about an item, leave it on the floor or in the barrel. Newspapers must not be put down the chute (see the next paragraph). Do not try to put cardboard boxes down the chute, as they will jam the entire system. Tie all bags of trash securely before putting them down the chute. For larger items, such as big shipping cartons, contact the Superintendent or Housekeeper.
Cambridge has passed a recycling ordinance and a blue bin has been placed in each trash room. Here’s how to handle your trash:
(1) Rinsed glass bottles and jars, aluminum and metal cans and plastic containers should be placed in the blue recycling box.
(2) Newspapers and magazines are to be neatly stacked on the floor alongside the blue box.
(3) Non-recyclable glass, metal, clothes hangers, and the like are to be placed in the gray barrels.
(4) All other rubbish goes down the trash chute.
All organic garbage should be disposed of in the sink disposal of each unit. Other garbage should be wrapped in paper or plastic bags smaller than the chute opening. Do not use the trash chute between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.




No condominium unit shall be used for other than residential purposes, with the exception of the designated professional units and those units which have been granted a variance by the Board of Trustees.
The Master Deed, Section 7, limits the use of a unit to one family or no more than two unrelated persons. Violation of this restriction can result in legal action. Nothing shall be done or kept in any unit which will increase the rate of insurance of the condominium or which is in violation of any law or public regulation. No explosives or highly inflammable material may be brought onto the premises. No equipment may be introduced into any unit which could negatively affect any other units.




The balconies of each unit are defined by the Master Deed as common areas. No signs or other articles may be hung from the outside walls or windows of the units, or from the balconies. At no time may furniture, boxes, bicycles, etc., be stored on the balconies. For safety and to comply with insurance regulations, nothing may be placed on top of the balcony railings at any time. Fire regulations forbid cooking (barbecuing) on the balconies or the penthouse and first-floor decks. No substance may be swept off or shaken from the balconies. Birds must not be fed from balconies or decks, nor their presence encouraged; they can become a menace and a health hazard.


Cleanliness and Pest Control


All residents must keep their units in a good state of cleanliness and preservation. They must act so as to have no detrimental effect upon the abutting common areas or units. Should any insects, vermin or other pests be detected in any unit, the Superintendent is to be notified immediately. He will see that complete and immediate control measures are taken. Presently the exterminators visit the building on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. If you need their services, contact the Superintendent and report the nature of the problem. If you will not be home, he will accompany the exterminators to your apartment, but you must be sure he has the keys.
Residents should regularly vacuum or dust the vents in their kitchens and bathrooms to assure maximum ventilation and removal of water vapor.




All residents should make sure that their unit number is included in all mail correspondence. Mail without the unit number is often returned by the post office as undeliverable.


Maintenance and Repair of Units


It is important that unit owners be very familiar with their areas of responsibility in maintaining their respective units, and they should review carefully the sections of the building documents pertaining to this. Unit owners are responsible for the upkeep, repair, and replacement of any part of the unit’s structure and of its utility fixtures. Unit owners are responsible, without limitation,
for interior finish walls, ceilings, and floors; the interior portions of windows and window frames, and interior window trim; doors; the interior portions of door frames and interior door trim; plumbing and sanitary waste fixtures for water and other utilities; electrical fixtures and outlets; and all wires, pipes, drains and conduits for water, sewerage, electric power and light, telephone and any other utility services which are contained in and serve the unit.


Renters should promptly notify their unit owner, as well as the Superintendent, of any problems relating to unit repairs.



Occupants of the building must avoid making noise that will interfere with the peace and quiet of the other occupants. Musical instruments, radios, televisions and stereos must not be played at a level offensive to other occupants. Residents may not conduct vocal or instrumental practice that is disturbing to others. Barking dogs may not be kept in owner-occupied units. During warmer weather, windows remain open and sound travels from unit to unit with more ease. Be considerate of your neighbors and keep the noise generated from your unit to a minimum.
Disturbing sounds are often heard in apartments remote from the source. The heavy steel doors in the halls should be prevented from slamming. To keep the noise from apartment floors from being transmitted to the unit below, owners are required to follow the practice common in multi-storied buildings and cover at least eighty percent of a unit’s floor area with rugs or carpeting. No noise audible outside a unit is permitted from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.




Each unit has outlets for the building’s master TV antenna. This analog system is now of little use, due to the recent changeover to digital signals. Most units have an outlet, usually on the side of the front-hall closet, for cable TV (not free). Call Comcast at 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278) to open an account and have your outlet activated.




Pets may not be kept in rental units. Unit owners who live in their units are currently allowed to keep pets in their units. The breeding, boarding, or raising of animals is prohibited. Customary house pets, such as dogs, cats, small birds, and small fish may be kept, but only two dogs, two cats, or two birds may be kept in any one unit. Any pet that becomes a nuisance must be removed.
Those owners who rent their units are required to specify in their leases that no animals are allowed in the unit. Pets must be leashed or carried when taken through the common areas. Owners of pets are responsible for the cleaning of common areas fouled by a pet.


Water Conservation


The cost of water has skyrocketed and is reflected in the common area condominium fees. There are several steps to take to help reduce the amount of water that each unit uses.

(1) Become environmentally conscious enough to take shorter showers, or half-full baths. Simple steps as turning the water off while you brush your teeth, running your dishwasher only when full, or using your garbage disposal only when full can save many
gallons of water per day.


(2) Allow the Superintendent to install a low-flow shower head and faucet aerators in your unit (he can examine your present fixtures to see if these features have already been installed). There is no charge for the inspection or for installing the devices.


(3) Use cold-water detergent and the “cold” setting on washing machines when you do your laundry.




Condominium Staff


As explained above, repairs inside units, except for emergency situations, are solely the responsibility of unit owners. Maintenance staff shall not perform repairs or other duties inside any unit during regular working hours. Any private work done by them must be by personal contract. The Trust takes no responsibility for such work.


Fire and Smoke


The 1105 building is protected by a fire and smoke alarm system approved by the Cambridge Fire Department. The alarm systems are tied in to a central station and are inspected quarterly by them. This should entitle unit owners to a reduction on their
Homeowners Insurance policy.


Three smoke detectors are located in the halls of each level. Fire extinguishers are located on each floor in the stairwell outside the trash and laundry rooms. There is a fire hose on each level that is connected to a special water standpipe system. The fireproof hall doors must not be wedged open.


All leased units and those sold are required by state law to have internal smoke detectors; it is recommended that owner-occupied units follow the same procedure. State law requires all units to have a carbon monoxide detector.


In case of fire in a unit beyond your ability to control, call the Fire Department at 911, leave without delay, close the door but do not lock it. Also alert your neighbors and desFall cend to the lobby by the stairway. Do not use the elevators, which will be controlled by the firemen.


A sheet of general fire precautions issued by the National Fire Protection Association is included at the back of this Guide.




There is a lockout charge of $50 from 5:00 to 11:00 p.m., as long as the Superintendent has been given a key to the unit. This is payable at the time you are let in. After 11:00 p.m. you should contact the unit owner, rental agent, or a locksmith. Since a locksmith can be very costly, especially after hours, we suggest that you leave an extra set of keys with an acquaintance (or two) to avoid problems.


Package Delivery


Many delivery companies will only deliver a package if it is signed for. Since most occupants are not at home during daytime hours, we can provide this service to you, but need written authorization from you in order to do so. Blank forms for this are available from the Superintendent.


We will only sign for units for which we have written authorization on file. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the management office at 978-440- 8330.


Once we sign for the package the delivery company driver will leave the package at your unit door. If you know that the content of a specific package is very valuable, we recommend that you try to make alternative delivery arrangements or request the Superintendent to hold the package in his office.


If you authorize us to accept your package(s), we want to make sure you understand the limits of the Trust’s responsibility. We will sign for the package and allow it to be delivered in the building. We do not guarantee its safety or security.



Parking is under the control of the Condominium Trust and building management. All parking spaces are assigned and are rented only to Unit Owners directly, who in turn may rent to their tenants. Each unit is entitled to at least one parking space and this provision must be satisfied before any additional spaces can be assigned to a unit. Parking fees are determined and adjusted periodically by vote of the trustees. Users may not switch parking spaces without approval from the management office. Subletting of parking spaces by users is not allowed; contact the management office with any questions.


A parking sticker bearing the number of your assigned space must be obtained from the Superintendent, at which time he will record your registration number and automobile model, year and color. Cars parked illegally or in an incorrect space will be towed without notice at the owner’s expense.


For safety reasons children are not allowed to play, ride skateboards, or bicycle on the surface parking lot. Any violation of parking rules may mean the loss of parking privileges. The Condominium Trust assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to cars or other vehicles parked on our property.


For additional information, see the Parking Regulations on pages 18-19.


Offensive Odors

No unit may cause strong or noxious odors within the common area. When windows are open the draft that is created flows under the door to the elevator shaft. Please keep this in mind when opening your windows to remove cooking odors, cigarette smoke, etc. Installation of a door sweep may help in overcoming odors escaping into the halls.




Residents should keep their doors locked at all times. They should not allow anyone to follow them into the lobby from outside nor open the door for someone they do not recognize. Please identify anyone ringing your unit over the intercom before ‘‘buzzing’’ them into the building.


Because of concerns for safety, security, and insurance coverage, all doors which lead to the common areas of the building and all doors which lead to the exterior of the building, whether common or part of a unit (except doors to professional or retail units which may be unlocked during normal business hours for the purposes of allowing access by customers and clients), shall be closed and locked at all times. When unlocked, no door on the rear face of the building shall be kept ajar or open, except for the short period that it takes a person to pass through the entry way.


Recording video cameras cover the elevators, lobby, front entrance, parking lot, andunderground garage.




Solicitors are not allowed in the building. Residents contacted by any unauthorized person in the building should contact the Superintendent immediately at 617-354-2383.



Units, such as the one you have rented, are the responsibility of their owners or designated agents and you should be sure to obtain from the owner and/or agent the names of persons to call to arrange for repairs of appliances, heating equipment, etc., which are totally contained in your apartment.


The Building Superintendent has no responsibility for your unit, except in cases where a problem in your unit affects other units, or in an emergency which can cause damage to your unit or to other apartments. All rental leases are subordinate to the Condominium documents, which include the Master Deed and Declaration of Trust, and this stipulation should be contained in your lease. All units, unless clearly specified otherwise in legal documents, are for RESIDENTIAL USE ONLY. The Master Deed (Section 7) limits the use of any apartment to one family or no more than TWO unrelated persons.


Violations of the building’s governing documents can result in termination of the lease and eviction of the tenant(s) in question.



Condominium Charges

Condominium and parking fees are not billed; it is your responsibility to pay them on time. When you bought your unit you were given a form with your monthly fee filled in, and if you rented a parking space you were advised of the fee. These both change from time to time and you will receive written notice with the new amounts when this occurs.


Fees are due in full at the beginning of each month. Checks should be made payable to ‘‘1105 Mass. Ave. Condominium Trust’’ and left in the Superintendent’s mailbox in the lobby or mailed to:


1105 Mass. Ave. Condominium
c/o ELN Management Co.
P. O. Box 798
Sudbury, MA 01776

Please indicate the unit number and parking space (if applicable) on the upper left corner of your check for speedy identification. As a convenience, it is recommended that unit owners set up automatic monthly electronic payments with their banks.




Monthly charges for maintenance and parking are due and payable on the first day of each month. These charges represent your proportionate share of the common area expenses of the building and cannot be withheld for any reason. At the end of each month, late fees will be charged on any prior balance. On arrearages exceeding two months, the Board of Trustees has voted the automatic revocation of parking privileges. Also, in such cases, a notice may be sent requesting payment within 10 days, after which the account will be automatically turned over to an attorney for collection. The Unit Owner then becomes responsible for any legal fees incurred.


In addition, you should be aware that as permitted by amendment to Mass. General Laws Chapter 183A, the following applies to Unit Owners:


Any expense incurred by the association as a result of the failure of any of the following to abide by the terms of the statute or the condominium documents or as a result of misconduct by any of them shall result in a charge for those expenses directly against the unit: The unit owner(s), the unit owner(s) family members, the unit owner(s) tenants or invitees.


The condominium may lien these items as though they were part of the unit’s common expenses. Further, special assessments, attorney’s fees, charges, late charges, fines, costs of collection and enforcement, court costs and interest are also collected as though they were common fees charged to the unit.


Here are the specific steps that will be taken for arrearages:


(1) A first reminder notice will be sent on the 15th of the month to those with unpaid balances.


(2) As of the end of each month, a late fee will be charged on the prior balance at a rate equal to the prime interest rate at that time. A second late notice will be sent on delinquent accounts, indicating that a late charge has been assessed and the amount.


(3) The Board of Trustees has voted that arrearages exceeding two months will lead to automatic revocation of parking privileges. One warning notice, sent to the unit owner and/or tenant using the space will specify the date on which the space is canceled, after which the car will be towed. Once a space is lost, it will be re-rented. This means that a tenant may be towed from a parking space that has not been paid for by the unit owner. Reinstatement of parking will require a deposit of one month’s parking fee in advance.


(4) A third notice (sent for balances of $500 or more) requests payment within 10 days, after which the account will automatically be sent to our attorney for collection. Once the case goes to the attorney, the unit owner becomes responsible for the legal fees incurred.


(5) A final letter notifies the unit owner that the account has been sent to the Attorney and states the balance as of that date.


Leased Units

Unit owners are responsible for their tenants’ behavior and are liable for any damages caused by their actions, as well as for any infractions of the rules outlined in this Guide. It is the obligation of the owner who rents to provide the lessor with a copy of this Guide and to acquaint the tenant with the building regulations. All leases are subordinate to the Master Deed and Bylaws, the appropriate ordinances of the City of Cambridge, and should contain a clause to that effect. Leases must also contain a ‘‘no pets’’ clause.


Owners who rent their units are also reminded to comply with the regulations restricting occupancy of the unit to one family or no more than two unrelated persons. It is important that management be notified in a timely way of changes of occupancy and ownership. New owners and tenants will be required to sign a basic information form and sign a statement that they have received a copy of this Residents’ Guide before the mailbox and intercom directories will be changed. A move-in charge (presently $75) is billed separately to unit owners to cover the cost of the administrative tasks associated with turnovers.


Because of numerous experiences with menacing or unsanitary behavior of pets in the building, the Board of Trustees voted to restrict the keeping of pets solely to unit owners. Those owners who rent their units are required to specify in their leases that no animals are allowed in the condominium, and renewals of any existing leases are to specify that a lessee not presently having a pet shall not introduce one.


Owners are responsible for informing their tenants, as well as brokers renting their apartments, of the policies and the rules and regulations of occupancy at 1105. All rules are detailed in this Residents’ Guide, a copy of which is to be given to new tenants. Copies are available through the Superintendent’s office (or you can call management to request that one be delivered to your unit).


Maintenance and Repair of Units

If the Trustees shall at any time in their reasonable judgment determine that the interior of a unit is in such need of maintenance or repair that the market value of one or more other units is being adversely affected or that the condition of a unit or any fixtures,
furnishings, facility or equipment therein is hazardous to any unit or the occupant thereof, the Trustees shall in writing request the Unit Owner to perform the needed maintenance, repair or replacement or to correct the hazardous condition, and in case such work shall not have been commenced within fifteen days (or such reasonable shorter period in case of emergency as the Trustees shall determine) of such request and thereafter diligently brought to completion, the Trustees shall be entitled to have the work performed for the account of such Unit Owner whose unit is in need of work and to enter upon and have access to such Unit for the purpose, and the
cost of such work as is reasonably necessary thereof shall constitute a lien upon such unit and the Unit Owner thereof shall be personally liable therefor.


Tenants should also be advised as to whom to call regarding repairs inside the unit. They quite often will assume that the management company is responsible (as in apartment buildings), unless otherwise informed.


Owner Information Forms


Massachusetts law now requires every unit owner in a condominium to notify the condominium Board and each holder of a mortgage on his/her unit of his/her mailing address. You are also requested to notify the Board of the names and addresses of your mortgage holders.


A copy of the required form was given to you when you bought your unit and must be filed with the condominium board through our management company promptly.


The law says that the condominium board can rely on its records for the giving of all legal notices. It may be no excuse under the law that you did not get notice if your mailing address is different from that which you have placed on file with the condominium management.
In addition, in order to obtain voluntary compliance from the unit owners with regard to this most important notice required by the law, the Board has enacted the following regulation:


‘‘All unit owners of Units in this Condominium shall notify the condominium Board and each holder of a mortgage on his/her unit of his/her mailing address by June 6, 1993. Should any Unit Owner fail to comply with this provision, the Unit Owner shall be subject to the fines provided in the By-Laws, as set forth therein, and shall further be obligated to reimburse the Association for its costs and expenses in obtaining such information for its records. Costs and expenses shall include, but not be limited to, administrative expenses, legal fees and costs. Such charges shall be a part of the Unit’s common expense fee and collectible as such.’’


Service Organizations


The following is a list of service people who have done work in the building in the past. Although we suggest these vendors, we have no direct relationship with any of them and are not liable for the performance of their work. We would also appreciate your sending us names of additional service people and handymen you would recommend from personal experience, for future listing.


Carpet Cleaning

Quality Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning (Domenic Gasdia), 73 Sycamore St., Somerville, MA 02145 * 617-776-3375 (pager 617-945-1309)


Drain Cleaning

A.D.T. Drain Cleaning Service * 781-646-3410


Gallinelli Electric, 240 Newton St., Waltham, MA 02453 * 781-209-1264 Mt. Auburn Electric (Joe Ianelli), 8 Warren St., Cambridge, MA 02138 * 617-868-7734 or 617-868-7735


Daniel C. Wilson Electrical Service, 51 Bestick Rd., Braintree, MA 02184 * 781-849-0716 (cell phone 617-293-8717)


Hardware Supplies


Pill, Inc., 743 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139 * 617-876-8310


Heating/Air Conditioning


A & F Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, 164 Main St., Unit 206, Medway, MA 02053 * 508-533-3004


GE service for GE units: 1-800-GECARES


Metropolitan Air Conditioning Refrigeration Inc., 69 Norman St., Ste. 7, Everett, MA 02149 * 617-389-4300


Locksmith (lockouts, rekeying)


Carlmont Lock (Michael Crowley; 24-hour emergency service), 230 Lexington Ave.,


Cambridge, MA 02138 * 617-492-8837 (cell phone 617-413-8837)



Father & Son Painting Co. (Chris Ioannidis), 26 Kimball Rd., Watertown, MA 02172 * 617-922-2982 or 617-924-7948



Fame Plumbing, 55 Brooks St., Brighton, MA 02135 * 617-254-1212


Robert L. Pann Co., 207 Prospect St., Cambridge, MA 02139 * 617-864-2625


Winter Co. Plumbing & Heating, 31 Smith Place, Cambridge, MA 02138 * 617-876-6070


Rights of the Trustees

 The Trustees have voted the following:
   If a Unit Owner fails to respond to notice sent by certified letter of any violations of the Rules and Regulations, By-Laws, or Master Deed of the 1105 Massachusetts Avenue Condominium Trust by the lessee, the Board of Trustees or their agent shall have authority to act on behalf of the Unit Owner.


Any violations of the Rules and Regulations, Master Deed, or By-Laws, by the lessee can result in the termination of the lease and the eviction of the tenant.


Trustees and Management

DATE: September 15, 2009
CONDOMINIUM: 1105 Massachusetts Avenue Condominium


Ms. Laura Cohen,  Mr. John Giannacopoulos

Mr. Richard Landau, Mr. Bradley Settle,

Mr. Roger O'Sulliven,  Mr. Peter Sullivan

Ms. Beverly Thornton

CONDOMINIUM BUSINESS ADDRESS: P. O. Box 798, Sudbury, MA 01776 *
Phone 978-440-8330 * Fax 978-440-8334

Ms. Myra Finn Miller, ELN Management Co. ADDRESS: P. O. Box 798, Sudbury, MA 01776 * Phone 978-440-8330


If you have a tenant, the law obligates you to give your tenant this information.




We would appreciate your cooperation as every effort made by you will help reduce the damage to the lobby and elevators and allow all residents to have a smooth and pleasant moving experience.


(1) There is currently a $125  fee for each move-in and $125 for each move-out.


(2) At least 24 hours advance notice must be given to the Superintendent. This allows us to schedule the elevator and put up protective pads and to lock it off of regular service (please note that elevator reservation times are on a first-come, first-served basis).


(3) No trucks are allowed on the rear parking deck, so all moving vehicles must access the building from either Massachusetts Avenue, Trowbridge Street, or Remington Street. The City of
Cambridge also requires moving vans to obtain a parking permit prior to the move. The permits can be purchased from the Cambridge Parking Dept. at 57 Inman St., phone 617-349-4747 — you should notify your moving company of these facts. The numbers for the first three parking meters in front of the building are 1073, 1075, and 1077.


(4) Moving hours are between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and on Saturday mornings from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Moving that occurs outside of these designated hours incurs an overtime charge, currently at the rate of $50 per hour, to be paid directly to the Superintendent. This is separate from the move-in, move-out fees (see paragraph 1, above). Please remember that the building policy requires a staff member to be on hand from the start to the finish of all moves.


(5) Names of new residents should be furnished to the management office so that names can be added to resident and mail directories in a timely manner.


(6) Common area electrical outlets are not to be used for move-in preparations by the unit owners or tenants. You should request a meter reading at the end of tenancy from NSTAR so that the power stays on in the unit. Anyone found using common area outlets for their individual purposes will incur a $50 charge to their unit account.


(7) Unit owners are responsible for any damages to the common areas caused by themselves or their tenants. Owners should inform tenants of moving procedures and of the general rules of the condominium association.


(8) Trash that is above and beyond the normal trash generated from everyday living, such as moving debris, boxes, etc., should not be left in the trash rooms or back hallways. Boxes should be broken down and tied together. The Superintendent will show you where to put these materials prior to trash pick-up day. It is not the Superintendent’s job to bring your trash down. A removal fee will be charged to the unit owner should this rule be violated.


(9) If payment is not made at the time of the move, it will be billed automatically to the unit’s account. If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to contact Ms. Myra Miller of our management company at 978-440-8330.




(1) All parking spaces are assigned. Article 5.3.1 of the 1105 Declaration of Trust stipulates that Unit Owners have priority in the assignment of parking, followed by (in order) residential renters, retail renters, and others. Spaces cannot be transferred except through ELN Management Company as agent for the Board of Trustees.


(2) Parking stickers are issued to parking renters for autos registered with the management company. The stickers bear the assigned space number and are to be placed in the lower right of the rear window of the car(s) registered for that space.


(3) Improperly parked cars will be towed without notice at the expense of the car owner. This includes cars with valid stickers parked in incorrect spaces in addition to cars without stickers.


(4) Cars parked over the end lines will be towed without notice at the car owner’s expense. Cars positioned outside the side boundaries of the space and thus intruding into the adjacent space are also subject to towing.


(5) Double parking in the traffic lane is not allowed, nor is more than 10 minutes parking in the LOADING ZONE next to the main rear exit. No parking on the exit ramp to Remington Street is allowed except as authorized by the Superintendent. Service people coming to work in an apartment or in the common areas must check with the Superintendent before parking in this area.


(6) No trucks are allowed on the rear parking deck due to its structural limitations.


(7) No materials other than vehicles may be stored in parking spaces or elsewhere on the parking deck or in the underground garage.


(8) Parking privileges will be revoked for persons more than two months in arrears in parking or condominium fees. Reinstatement of parking will require a deposit of one month’s parking fee in advance.



Regular and random checks of the parking lot are made by the Superintendent and at times by certain authorized unit owners.

Vehicles violating the parking regulations will be towed.